Quickly text web pages & photos (as MMS) from Chrome



At MightyText, we’re always looking for ways to save you time in your daily life.

We recently added some new features to the MightyText Chrome Extension to make things just a little bit easier and faster. You increasingly spend more time in your web browser, and while sending web pages and pictures by email is nice –  we all know people who don’t check their email often and will only reply to text messages! 🙂

So, we’ve made it super easy to text any web page you’re on, and also send pictures you see via picture message (MMS). As always, please contact us with any questions, or put your comments at the bottom!

Text a web page you’re viewing

Just click the M icon while you’re on the page and choose “Text this page


Send an image you’re viewing via Picture Message (MMS)

Just right click on the picture and select “Send image with MightyText…”



Select some text content, and send it via SMS text message

Select text from any web page, and right click to send via MightyText


Quickly compose a new message (from any site you’re on)



mightytextQuickly text web pages & photos (as MMS) from Chrome