Text directly from Facebook on your PC or Mac



Soon after we launched MightyText in Gmail, which lets you text directly from Gmail using your Android phone #, we heard that lots of you love the convenience of not having to leave the Gmail web interface to text.

Since you may also spend a lot of time on Facebook on your computer, we decided to also give you the ability to text directly from Facebook on your PC or Mac.

MightyText in Facebook will show text message windows right next to any Facebook chat windows you already have open.  In addition to replying to incoming texts, you can also compose a new text message directly from Facebook.

To try it out on your computer, download the latest version of our GText Chrome Extension.

If you already use MightyText in Gmail, you can enable Facebook texting under Settings in GText.

Here’s a quick animation of how it works:


As always – please let us know what you think and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

mightytextText directly from Facebook on your PC or Mac