Save Message Drafts in MightyText



Have you ever started a text message but weren’t quite ready to send it yet? Prefer to save a draft and finish later? ¬†We do this in email all the time, as well as on our phones for text messages, so we thought it would be useful to have in MightyText as well.

We recently launched Drafts in the MightyText Web App for Pro users. In addition to saving the current draft you’re working on, you can save multiple drafts per recipient, and across multiple threads.

Saving a New Draft

When typing a message, just click the save icon: save draft

Retrieving a Draft

When you’re in a thread that has saved drafts, to send or edit draft, click the red button (with draft count) below the “save draft” button.

Managing all your Drafts

Manage all of your drafts from the new drafts page. You can get to this in the pulldown option for “Drafts” under Messages. Modify, remove, or send your drafts directly from here.

mightytextSave Message Drafts in MightyText