See Your Phone Notifications on your Computer



You’re at your computer, trying to get some work done and all of a sudden your phone in your pocket dings and buzzes. Another notification…. Now you have to stop what you’re doing, pull your phone out, and see what it was. It might have been a WhatsApp message, a game score, a breaking news alert, or a Kanye interruption at the grammys.

Whatever the case, now your flow is interrupted, and when you switch back to your computer, you might not even remember what you were working on! This happens over and over throughout the day, taking valuable time away from you.

MightyText recently launched a solution to address this: See your phone notifications directly on your computer.

Whether it’s a WhatsApp message, a SportsCenter game update, a News alert, an Instagram comment, or any other app notification on your phone, you can just see it on your computer –  no more switching back and forth between your phone and computer!

Ready to get started?  Enable notification syncing now.  (For phones running Android 4.3 or higher)

Let’s dive into this in some more detail:

Here’s what a notification looks like on the computer


When you get these notifications on your computer, there’s a few things you can do:

Dismiss the notification on your phone

Why let those notifications pile up on your phone when you’ve already seen them on your computer?

Dismiss each notification from your phone as it’s displayed in Mighty Text. Just click the “Dismiss notification on phone” button in the notification pop-up.


Dismiss all notifications currently on your phone

You can dismiss all of them at once from the Phone Notifications screen. In the MightyText Web App,

  1. Click on the Phone tab in the left nav
  2. Click on the Phone Notifications link along the top
  3. Click the “Dismiss all on Phone” button

Dismiss all Phone notifications from your computer with MightyText

Block notifications from certain apps

There are some apps that you might not want to get notifications sync’d.  For example, if you wanted see WhatsApp notifications on your computer, but not Facebook notifications, you can block Facebook notifications from being sync’d.

There are 2 ways to block notifications from a particular app. The first is to block it as the notifications show on your computer. The second is via the MightyText Web App:

  1. Click on the Phone tab on the left
  2. Click on the Apps link along the top
  3. Scroll through the list of apps, hover over the app you want to block, and click the Stop Syncing icon.

Stop Syncing Phone Notifications in MightyText

Saving notifications

If you want to reference something later on, just save it and it’ll be stored on your MightyText account. You can save single notifications.


Or set an app to always have its notifications saved to MightyText.  You could use this feature, for example, to have a copy of all of your WhatsApp Messages, which gets you halfway to a “WhatsApp from computer” solution 🙂

Save all your phone notifications with MightyText

Ready to try it out? Turn on App Notification syncing now.


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