Text directly from Facebook on your PC or Mac


Soon after we launched MightyText in Gmail, which lets you text directly from Gmail using your Android phone #, we heard that lots of you love the convenience of not having to leave the Gmail web … Read More

mightytextText directly from Facebook on your PC or Mac

MightyText Pro has arrived!


Ever since we launched the MightyText Web App almost 2 years ago, we’ve heard these 2 questions from our users pretty often: “MightyText is great, but…how do you guys plan to make money?” “I need … Read More

mightytextMightyText Pro has arrived!

“The MightyText Movie” – oscar nominated?


Coming soon, to theatre near you. (BTW, this video is not created by MightyText. We just came across it on the web) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tGaWzEjCL0A

mightytext“The MightyText Movie” – oscar nominated?

Group Messaging launched in MightyText


One of our most requested features – group messaging – was recently launched in the MightyText GText app, Web App, and Android tablet app. MightyText previously allowed you to text up to 10 people at once, but the … Read More

mightytextGroup Messaging launched in MightyText

HELLO, Emojis!


One of our most requested features in MightyText is support for Emojis (and Emoticons) We recently launched a new emoji selector in the MightyText web app. We’ve made the emoji selector really big on purpose, … Read More

mightytextHELLO, Emojis!

Make Your Photos MIGHTY


At MightyText we strive to build things that make your life just a little bit easier. We had this in mind when we launched our photos & videos sync feature.  It gives you the power to … Read More

mightytextMake Your Photos MIGHTY