New: Phone Notification Live View, Dialer, and Ring Phone



Imagine you’re busy working on your computer and your phone keeps buzzing over and over. Notifications are piling up on your phone.

Since you already use MightyText to see your text messages on your computer, wouldn’t it be great to see all of your phone’s notifications on your computer too?  We just launched an update in MightyText to do exactly this.

Phone Notification Live View

You can now view and dismiss the notifications currently on your phone, right from your PC or Mac.

Here’s what it looks like on your computer:
PNLV_kb_explanation_half_laptop_2 (1)


From this view you can expand notifications to see their full content, dismiss a notification, or dismiss all notifications from your phone.  When you dismiss a notification from your computer, it dismisses on your phone immediately.

To use Phone Notification Live View:

In the MightyText Web App, go to Phone > App Notifications.

In the MightyText Chrome Extension, click the M icon in the Chrome toolbar and select Live Phone View.

In the MightyText Desktop App, select Live Phone Notifications from the MightyText icon in the dropdown menu.

(Note: Phone Notification Live View is a MightyText Pro feature. Non pro users will be able to try this feature on a limited basis.)


Dialer, Ring Phone, and Send File

We’ve also added Dialer, which allows you to dial your phone from your computer to initiate a call.


Finally, we’ve added some popular features from our web app to our Chrome extension: send a file to your phone and ring your phone.  To access these features, click Actions in the Live Phone View tool.

We think Phone Notification Live View, Dialer, and Ring Phone can boost your productivity.  Try it out and let us know what you think!

mightytextNew: Phone Notification Live View, Dialer, and Ring Phone