MightyText Pro has arrived!



Ever since we launched the MightyText Web App almost 2 years ago, we’ve heard these 2 questions from our users pretty often:

“MightyText is great, but…how do you guys plan to make money?”

“I need more power features in MightyText! Where are they?”

MightyText Pro is the answer to both questions. We’ve been rolling out MightyText Pro slowly over the past few weeks and it is now live for all MightyText Web App users. 

MightyText Pro is our first paid product. You can still use our free version — it does everything you’ve been using MightyText for to-date.



Here’s an overview of some of  features you’ll get with Pro:


Ever wanted to send out a text message, but maybe the next morning, or the next week?



Beautify MightyText with 11 themes (and many more to come!)

Screen Shot 2014-02-10 at 11.49.36 PM


Send Bulk SMS Text Messages

Want to send to lots of people at once?  You’ll be able to send messages to up to 25 recipients

Screen Shot 2014-02-11 at 1.58.19 AM


Signatures & Templates

Do you find yourself sending the same text message content over and over?  Now you can set up customizable templates, to free yourself from repetitive typing or lots of copying and pasting:



50GB of Photos & Videos

Store up to 50GB of Photos/Videos sync’d from your phone.  (Limit for MightyText free account is 5GB)

Keep Messages Forever

No 6-month limit – you can keep all your messages in your MightyText account forever.

Block Numbers

If there are phone numbers that you don’t want to have sync’d with MightyText, you can add them to the Blocklist.


We’ve launched with “earlybird pricing” for MightyText Pro. We plan to increase the price in a couple of weeks.  We have monthly and annual options, and you can cancel anytime.

Free Version

Pro not for you? Not to worry – we still have our free version and plan to always have a free version!

Ready to Upgrade?


Screen Shot 2014-05-31 at 12.57.01 PM

mightytextMightyText Pro has arrived!