Make Your Photos MIGHTY



At MightyText we strive to build things that make your life just a little bit easier.

We had this in mind when we launched our photos & videos sync feature.  It gives you the power to sync photos and videos from your phone to the MightyText web app instantly and securely.

Make your photos come to life: apply Instagram-like filters, doodle/draw, add frames, stickers, etc.

In addition to making sharing a photo or video drop dead simple  (try sharing a photo in MightyText – it’s wicked easy & fast), we also wanted to make it super easy to make your photos come to life.

Try out our “Magic” Photo Editor, which allows you to enhance and “remix” your photos with just a few clicks. Here’s a example of how it works.

In the photos/videos gallery, pick a photo to enhance – click the “Magic” icon:

Gallery View Photos


Your photo will appear in a  photo editor, where you can quickly add Instagram-like filters, draw/doodle, add funny stickers or a frame, rotate/crop and more.

unaltered yosemite


Let’s apply a filter to our scenic photo:

adding a filter

Now, let’s write something on top of the photo:

add text to photo

That’s it — done, in just a few clicks…

You can choose to keep the photo private in MightyText, or, if you’d like, easily share the “remixed” photo with a single click.  Only people who know the link can see the photo.

Share Yosemite Remixed Photo

Whoever you share the link with will see your new creation:

Shared View of Yosemite Photo

We want to make sharing & editing photos sync’d from your phone easy, simple, and fun.

The initial reaction from some of our users was “Not sure I need this, since I already sync my photos with Dropbox!”. We built photo/video sync in MightyText because, even with services like Dropbox, we think managing & sharing photos among multiple devices is still too hard.  Your phone is the best tool to capture photos (because you always have it), but isn’t the easiest device to use to share and edit those photos.

Let us know what you think!

mightytextMake Your Photos MIGHTY