Mighty Photos 2.0: Albums Launch & Redesigned UI



One of the most powerful things you can do in MightyText is sync photos & videos from your phone to your computer. We recently made some big improvements that we hope you’ll love.

You can see your photos and videos in a newly redesigned interface, automatically sort your media into “smart albums”, and create and easily share albums.

Redesigned User Interface

We’ve made the Photos/Videos UI in the MightyText Web App much simpler, cleaner, and easier to use.


We still think it’s too hard to quickly share sets of photos & videos from your phone, so we built a lightweight and simple way to create and share albums from your computer.

Additionally, here’s something that you can’t do on your phone but we think will be useful: creating photo albums from MMS Picture Messages from your phone and (optionally) sharing them quickly.


Creating Albums

Creating an album is simple. In the MightyText Web App, just select the photos and videos you want to be a part of your album:



Then, click Create album:




That’s it! Your new album will now display in the Albums list on the left side, where you can view, rename, share, unshare, or delete it.

Share Albums

Albums are great for organizing your photos and videos, but they’re even better for sharing your favorite collections.

Any album can be shared in one step. Just click the Share album button on any album page:
Share an album crop

We’ll create a private share URL that you can send to anyone (they don’t have to be a MightyText user).

Only people who know the private share URL will be able to view your shared album.  You can easily “un-share” the album at anytime.



Smart Albums

With Smart Albums, we automatically create album views for you based on the date your media was captured. You can quickly to see all the photos and videos you took today, this week, or this month.

smart albums


Phone Media Upload Settings

It’s easier than ever to manage your MightyText photo and video upload settings. (Previously you could only adjust these settings in the MightyText Phone app).

In the Photos/Videos gallery, you can open the Upload Settings modal and toggle photo and video syncing on or off:



Want to upload existing photos from your phone to MightyText? This is also easier than ever. Select Upload Settings and use the Upload Media from Phone Now option. (Note: your phone must be turned on and have a data connection for this feature to work.) Uploading photos and videos in bulk can use quite a bit of data, so we always recommend connecting to wifi before doing any large uploads with the Upload Media from Phone Now tool:


upload settings modal


We hope that you find these improvements to be useful.  As always, please send your feedback our way, or post a comment below!


mightytextMighty Photos 2.0: Albums Launch & Redesigned UI