“Live” Message updates. Contact Images fixed. Store Messages Longer



We recently launched a few new features and fixes in the MightyText Web app.  If you aren’t using the new web-based app – you can learn more about it here.

(1) Contact Images problem fixed

Some users had a problem where all Google Contact images weren’t loading properly. This should now be fixed.

(2) Store Messages Longer

You can now choose to store your messages & call logs on MightyText for up to 6 months.   Change this under Settings.

(3)  “Live” Messages – real-time updates in Web App

The thread count and latest timestamp of a thread now update in real-time when:

– send or receive  a message on your phone

– reply to a message from the Web App (from an existing thread)

If it’s a new phone number thread (either from the phone, or via “Compose New”) — a new tab will be created in the web app in real-time and will be moved to the top of the threadlist.

These changes should make MightyText feel more “live” and be an improved experience. Let us know what you think!

mightytext“Live” Message updates. Contact Images fixed. Store Messages Longer