Group Messaging launched in MightyText



One of our most requested features – group messaging – was recently launched in the MightyText GText app, Web App, and Android tablet app.

MightyText previously allowed you to text up to 10 people at once, but the messages would get sent individually, not in a “reply-all” Group Message (a.k.a “Group MMS”)

Composing a Group Message

As soon as you select multiple recipients, you will see a “Group” icon show up.

You might still want to send a message to multiple people individually. To do this, simply change the “Group” option to “Individually”, and the message will be sent as Individual SMS text messages rather than as a group MMS.

Ongoing Group Conversations

Group conversations will now appear in MightyText in your thread list on the left side, and when you select a group thread, you can see which group participant is texting, just as you would on your phone.

Group messaging is yet another feature in our goal to open up the power of your phone to all of your other devices and save you time in your everyday life

Make sure you have the latest version of the MightyText phone app and give Group Messaging a try!

(Note: Since Android phones only started supporting group messaging starting with Android 4.1, the “Group MMS” feature will work as long as your Android phone can support Group MMS messaging (typically with Android OS 4.1 or later) )  Android Group Messaging is a fairly recent capability which is one reason why MightyText hadn’t supported it until recently.

mightytextGroup Messaging launched in MightyText