NEW! Text directly from Facebook on your PC or Mac

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Soon after we launched MightyText in Gmail, which lets you text directly from Gmail using your Android phone #, we heard that lots of you love the convenience of not having to leave the Gmail web interface to text.

Since you may also spend a lot of time on Facebook on your computer, we decided to also give you the ability to text directly from Facebook on your PC or Mac.

MightyText in Facebook will show text message windows right next to any Facebook chat windows you already have open.  In addition to replying to incoming texts, you can also compose a new text message directly from Facebook.

To try it out on your computer, download the latest version of our GText Chrome Extension.

If you already use MightyText in Gmail, you can enable Facebook texting under Settings in GText.

Here’s a quick animation of how it works:


As always – please let us know what you think and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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Make calls on your Android phone (from your computer)

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Have you ever wanted to make a call from your mobile phone – but the phone number is on your computer?

Do you sometimes misplace your phone and wonder where the heck it is?

If so, then your life is about to get a (little bit) easier as we recently launched the “Phone” tab in the MightyText Web App. Here’s what it’s all about:

Dial any number on your phone, from your computer

Type a contact name, or paste/type a number from your computer, and the call initiates immediately on your phone

Ring your phone from your computer

Can’t find your phone? Ring it from your browser!

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MightyText Pro has arrived!

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Ever since we launched the MightyText Web App almost 2 years ago, we’ve heard these 2 questions from our users pretty often:

“MightyText is great, but…how do you guys plan to make money?”

“I need more power features in MightyText! Where are they?”

MightyText Pro is the answer to both questions. We’ve been rolling out MightyText Pro slowly over the past few weeks and it is now live for all MightyText Web App users. 

MightyText Pro is our first paid product. You can still use our free version — it does everything you’ve been using MightyText for to-date.


Here’s an overview of some of  features you’ll get with Pro:


Ever wanted to send out a text message, but maybe the next morning, or the next week?



Beautify MightyText with 11 themes (and many more to come!)

Screen Shot 2014-02-10 at 11.49.36 PM


Send Bulk SMS Text Messages

Want to send to lots of people at once?  You’ll be able to send messages to up to 25 recipients

Screen Shot 2014-02-11 at 1.58.19 AM


Templates & Signatures

Do you find yourself sending the same text message content over and over?  Now you can set up customizable templates, to free yourself from repetitive typing or lots of copying and pasting:



50GB of Photos & Videos

Store up to 50GB of Photos/Videos sync’d from your phone.  (Limit for MightyText free account is 5GB)

Keep Messages Forever

No 6-month limit – you can keep all your messages in your MightyText account forever.

Block Numbers

If there are phone numbers that you don’t want to have sync’d with MightyText, you can add them to the Blocklist.


We’ve launched with “earlybird pricing” for MightyText Pro. We plan to increase the price in a couple of weeks.  We have monthly and annual options, and you can cancel anytime.

Free Version

Pro not for you? Not to worry – we still have our free version and plan to always have a free version!

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NEW! Instantly send images from your computer to phone

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Sometimes you’ll come across a really interesting, funny, or cool photo while browsing the web on your PC or Mac, and might want to view and save that photo on your phone.

We’ve made this dead simple and super fast for you if you’re using the MightyText Chrome Extension.  Here’s how it works.

On your computer, right-click on an image and select “Send to Phone”



Instantly shows up on your phone

You’ll get a notification on your phone saying that a new image has arrived.  Click that, and, voila!  (The image gets stored in your phone’s gallery)


Some of our users really like it:

Like other features we’ve launched in MightyText, we built this to save you some time and also make your life just a little bit easier everyday.

Note: This feature will only work for Chrome users, if you have version 4.62 or later of the MightyText Android Phone App installed on your Android phone, and the MightyText Chrome Extension (version 10.2 or later) in your chrome browser.

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“The MightyText Movie” – oscar nominated?

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Coming soon, to theatre near you.

(BTW, this video is not created by MightyText. We just came across it on the web)

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Group Messaging launched in MightyText

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One of our most requested features – group messaging – was recently launched in the MightyText GText app, Web App, and Android tablet app.

MightyText previously allowed you to text up to 10 people at once, but the messages would get sent individually, not in a “reply-all” Group Message (a.k.a “Group MMS”)

Composing a Group Message

As soon as you select multiple recipients, you will see a “Group” icon show up.

You might still want to send a message to multiple people individually. To do this, simply change the “Group” option to “Individually”, and the message will be sent as Individual SMS text messages rather than as a group MMS.

Ongoing Group Conversations

Group conversations will now appear in MightyText in your thread list on the left side, and when you select a group thread, you can see which group participant is texting, just as you would on your phone.

Group messaging is yet another feature in our goal to open up the power of your phone to all of your other devices and save you time in your everyday life

Make sure you have the latest version of the MightyText phone app and give Group Messaging a try!

(Note: Since Android phones only started supporting group messaging starting with Android 4.1, the “Group MMS” feature will work as long as your Android phone can support Group MMS messaging (typically with Android OS 4.1 or later) )  Android Group Messaging is a fairly recent capability which is one reason why MightyText hadn’t supported it until recently.

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HELLO, Emojis!

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One of our most requested features in MightyText is support for Emojis (and Emoticons)

We recently launched a new emoji selector in the MightyText web app.

We’ve made the emoji selector really big on purpose, to take advantage of all the screen space on your computer that you normally don’t have on your mobile phone :)

To open the emoji selector, select the smiley face icon next to the send button.  Here’s how it looks in the web app:

Screen Shot 2013-07-29 at 1.09.16 AM

For emojis to work well in MightyText, make sure you have the latest MightyText Android phone app (v3.90) installed on your phone.  For tablet users, we’ll soon be adding the emoji selector to our MightyText Tablet app as well.

Here are some fun emoji examples:

Screen Shot 2013-07-29 at 2.50.11 AM Screen Shot 2013-07-29 at 2.49.04 AM

Screen Shot 2013-07-29 at 2.46.08 AM

Try adding some flavor to your texts today!


Here is the full list of emojis available:

MightyText Emojis


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Make Your Photos MIGHTY

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At MightyText we strive to build things that make your life just a little bit easier.

We had this in mind when we launched our photos & videos sync feature.  It gives you the power to sync photos and videos from your phone to the MightyText web app instantly and securely.

Make your photos come to life: apply Instagram-like filters, doodle/draw, add frames, stickers, etc.

In addition to making sharing a photo or video drop dead simple  (try sharing a photo in MightyText – it’s wicked easy & fast), we also wanted to make it super easy to make your photos come to life.

Try out our “Magic” Photo Editor, which allows you to enhance and “remix” your photos with just a few clicks. Here’s a example of how it works.

In the photos/videos gallery, pick a photo to enhance – click the “Magic” icon:

Gallery View Photos


Your photo will appear in a  photo editor, where you can quickly add Instagram-like filters, draw/doodle, add funny stickers or a frame, rotate/crop and more.

unaltered yosemite


Let’s apply a filter to our scenic photo:

adding a filter

Now, let’s write something on top of the photo:

add text to photo

That’s it — done, in just a few clicks…

You can choose to keep the photo private in MightyText, or, if you’d like, easily share the “remixed” photo with a single click.  Only people who know the link can see the photo.

Share Yosemite Remixed Photo

Whoever you share the link with will see your new creation:

Shared View of Yosemite Photo

We want to make sharing & editing photos sync’d from your phone easy, simple, and fun.

The initial reaction from some of our users was “Not sure I need this, since I already sync my photos with Dropbox!”. We built photo/video sync in MightyText because, even with services like Dropbox, we think managing & sharing photos among multiple devices is still too hard.  Your phone is the best tool to capture photos (because you always have it), but isn’t the easiest device to use to share and edit those photos.

Let us know what you think!

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New: Send Picture Messages from MightyText Android Tablet App

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We recently pushed out an update to our MightyText Tablet App that allows you to send MMS picture messages from the tablet.

So, if you have photos in your picture gallery on your tablet, you can now send those out as  MMS messages, coming from your phone’s number.

As with our MightyText Web App, your phone will need to be on and must have the MightyText Phone App installed on it, as we send the picture messages out via your phone.

unnamed (1)

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Texting lots of people at once? PowerView is your new best friend.

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Here at MightyText, we love making products that help people be more productive and make their lives a little bit easier each day.  While using our own product, we often found ourselves engaged in multiple text message conversations at the same time.  So, we would switch back and forth among these conversations, like we would on our phone…..but started thinking – “Wouldn’t it be great if I could see all my conversations at once!?”

PowerView, the latest MightyText feature, is just that – one view with all of your conversations in the same place!  The beauty of PowerView is its simplicity.  PowerView shows all of your conversations and allows you to easily reply and compose new messages from one screen.

With PowerView, you’ll never need to switch between conversation threads again!  Check it out here –  – and let us know what you think!

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